Telecommunications, Media and Technology


We advised on a seminal private sector investment in the telecommunications sector that is widely acknowledged to be the most successful ever in that sector: the initial investment by Nigerian investors and a private equity firm in what has become Nigeria’s largest GSM operator.

We have advised on bids for, renewals of and re-validations of telecommunications licences, on waivers for infractions of the terms of licences, on getting regulatory consent to assignments of and charges over the licences, and of the regulation of electronic payment services and “bitcoins”.

We have advised on co-location, technical services and management agreements, agreements to lease lines and ducts, and the regulation and perfection of rights of way over and under the surface of land.

We have advised on joint ventures to provide telecommunications services, on mergers and acquisitions of telecommunications operators (including a management buyout), and on bids for and sales of tower assets.

Perhaps our most notable mergers and acquisitions transactions in the sector have been the privatization trade sale of the old government nationwide telecommunications monopoly and the largest sale of tower assets in Nigerian history, by a GSM operator.

We have advised on the first-ever Nigerian initial public offering of shares in the telecommunications sector (an exit by private equity investors), and on major acquisition, rehabilitation and growth financings.

These include a network expansion financing that was at the time the largest bank credit ever made in the sector, sales-and-leasebacks of tower assets and guarantees of bank loans by multilateral institutions.

We have also advised on print production, publishing and advertising contracts and regulation, on contracts to develop and manage artistes, and on agreements to produce, finance and distribute motion pictures. We have also advised on establishing and structuring companies and limited partnerships to invest in these sectors.

On all of the foregoing areas, and on computer software and hardware, we have advised on the creation, protection, regulation and licensing of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, and have represented clients in a wide range of disputes in courts and in arbitration.

With regard to computer software and hardware, we have also advised on distribution agreements, technical support and service level agreements, sales and leaseback and other financings, strategic investments and private equity investments.


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