The original vision was of an organically-growing independent business law practice led by a partnership where every partner is both a general and an equity partner, and into which associates who have served an apprenticeship with the practice may be admitted.

The bases for admission to the partnership were and are to be lawyerly ability and seniority rather than cash purchases of partnership shares or ‘rain-making’ prowess. That vision has been realized.

We have chosen to grow only as quickly as by organic growth we can generate exceptionally able lawyers who have the experience and temperament to be general partners to lead the growth.

From inception, we have been committed to searching for and hiring talented and motivated young lawyers and training them to become proficient, versatile and business-minded practitioners.

Each of our associates works regularly with a partner and gets frequent contact with clients. These features of our practice enable our associates to develop professionally far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

A programme of training courses has been developed for all our lawyers. A wide range of the courses on areas that are at the core of our practice are conducted in-house by our own lawyers.

Our lawyers also regularly attend courses led by professional instructors from outside the firm both locally and abroad on other legal subjects and on non-law subjects such as basic accounting and investment banking.

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