We have been advising private investors on getting excisions of land areas from compulsory acquisition schemes by both Federal and State authorities and fresh grants out of land previously acquired by governmental authorities.

We have also been active in prosecuting applications for the registration (primarily for the purpose of allowing the remittance of fees in hard currencies) of transfer-of-technology agreements with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion.

We have been active in contentious work before regulatory bodies such as the Trade Marks Registrar, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Corporate Affairs Commission, the National Insurance Commission, the Tax Commissioners and the lotteries regulator.

We have represented clients being investigated or challenged by supervisory bodies in proceedings before tribunals of inquiry. We have also advised and represented clients on a wide range of matters that have come to the floor and before the committees of the National Assembly.

Among these matters are the preparation and prosecution of Bills, the “laying” of orders before the National Assembly for approval, investigations of topical subjects by the National Assembly and efforts by the National Assembly to intervene to resolve disputes in the public eye.

We have also advised multilateral financial organizations on prosecuting applications for the immunities and privileges that the charters forming them and applicable Nigerian law both provide for.

A number of regulators of businesses have also engaged us from time to time to draw up and advise on both primary and secondary legislation applicable to the businesses that they are mandated to regulate. We have from time to time commented on draft regulations on key areas of interest to our clients.

We have advised on several efforts to develop much-needed new legislation, particularly in respect of the transport sector, land mortgages, trusts, petroleum, and dispute resolution.



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