We aim to do the most complex, critical and innovative work of serious business clients, whether the clients are young or old, local or international, famous or self-effacing, big or small. We have ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification.

Our paramount aim is absolutely always to offer our clients service of the very highest quality. That means that we emphasize technical proficiency, attention to details and creativity in developing practical solutions to clients’ problems.

Achieving greater size is not in itself of central importance to our practice. We do not aim to be the largest law firm in size, and we do not necessarily prefer large clients to small ones. Our focus is on having lawyers who in number and skill are able to discharge with excellence the challenging tasks that we take on.

We are known for our sensitivity to clients’ business needs and concerns and promptness in responding to and executing their requests in dealing with business law assignments of every complexity, magnitude and novelty.

Every assignment that we take on is overseen by a partner who will be responsible for the quality of the service that we render and liaise regularly with the client on the progress of the work.

We strive to develop our young lawyers such that each of them will become, to at least some of our clients, both a general strategic counsellor and a specialist expert in one or more area(s) of our practice.

We realize that for most clients it is attractive as much as possible to have a single lawyer who will both master the business background to the full range of the client’s work and plans and have the technical competence to advise on more than one of the practice areas that are relevant to the client.

We therefore insist that each of our more experienced lawyers must have more than one technical specialty and not many clients to look after. In this way, we remain versatile without loss of depth or expertise.



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