From inception, we have been active in a wide range of work relating to the oil-and-gas sector.

We have advised on several agreements for acreage acquisition involving multi-party participation in the development of oil-and-gas acreage (“farm-in”, joint venture, participation, “carried interest”, “production sharing” and “joint operating” agreements), for solo developers to acquire such acreage and on the financings of such acquisitions.

We have also advised on the acquisition of project sites, on contracts between oil sector actors and communities resident on or near project sites and on litigation over project sites, and advised on agreements between oil producers and their “host communities”.

Our most significant contentious work has included not only such land cases in the courts and environmental litigation but also trial court cases in marine contexts and seminal appellate cases on tax, as well as leading disputes on the shipping and tax aspects of oil-and-gas law before arbitral and administrative tribunals.

We have also advised on significant corporate transactions such as a merger of upstream oil and gas companies, a major merger of oilfield service companies and a spin-off of a service company’s non-core assets and on bids for acreage offered for sale by international oil companies.

We have advised on major upstream non-recourse project financings, on the non-recourse financing of a gas utilization project and on syndicated note issuance facilities to finance upstream production operations. We have also advised on a large high-yield Eurobond financing and on the largest refinancings of downstream petroleum indebtedness in the nation.

Securities firms have engaged us to advise on private placements of equity and long-term debt securities by upstream production companies and on the pioneering initial public offering of securities by upstream and downstream companies.

We advise regularly on shareholder agreements for companies doing various aspects of oil-and-gas work. We have also advised on privatizations of petrochemicals, oil service and oil marketing companies.

Our regulatory work includes not only fairly routine bids for oil service sector licences and licences to establish tank farms but also uncommon applications for Free Trade Zone status for land and to operate private ports for oil and gas activities.

The commercial agreements that we have advised on include throughput agreements for tank farms, sales of electricity and petroleum products, for offshore support services from shorebase operators, for the construction of various facilities and for the use of a variety of marine vessels.