Formations, Re-organizations and Spin-Offs


We have advised collaborators on joint ventures, both incorporated and unincorporated, and on establishing business organizations in a wide range of sectors of the economy. We also advise solo actors on founding new businesses.

We have advised on court-sanctioned schemes to reduce, re-organize and re-construct the capital of companies. Perhaps the most significant among them have been schemes to de-merge groups of companies.

We have also advised small and challenged conglomerates on regularizing their corporate filings and records and on rationalizing their intra-group shareholding structures.

Two foreign-controlled holding companies -- one a global multinational, the other a family-owned conglomerate parent -- have also engaged us to advise them on far-reaching reorganizations of their Nigerian businesses.

We have also done other significant work on strategic alliances between companies, shareholder agreements, management agreements, employee share incentive and assisted shares acquisition schemes and employment contracts for executive employees.

We have done extensive legal and corporate governance audit and litigation portfolio review work on conglomerates, petroleum companies, electricity distribution companies, telecommunications companies and financial institutions.

We advise both trade and financial investors on the company, financial, tax, labour, immigration, commercial and other legal aspects of foreign investment (both direct and indirect) into and divestment from all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

We have advised central stakeholders -- founding shareholders, their families and key employees -- in companies proposing to get listed on re-organizing to protect their interests in preparation for the time after listing.

We have been advising a strategic investor on taking minority equity stakes in independent power project developments and the sponsor of a mall development on selling a significant share of its stake to an institutional investor.



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