We have been involved in several of the largest and most creative and significant acquisition financing transactions in this area.

We have advised on share and asset acquisition financings and re- financings of telecommunications, electricity, manufacturing and hotel- owning companies as well as of interests in both upstream petroleum acreage and production.

A number of these financings have been very elaborately structured, with creative “forward sale” features, non-recourse lending elements, warranties and preferred equity features to facilitate a tax-efficient repatriation of proceeds in foreign currency.

We have advised the lenders on financing a pioneering airport hotel and conference centre development project as well as lenders to and sponsors of three separate shopping mall developments and other project finance transactions in the energy and transport sectors of the economy.

We advised the lenders to the nation’s pioneering “IPP” thermal electricity generation project. The sponsor to this project was a global multinational developer.

We have advised two leading local developers of thermal power generation facilities and are advising the lenders to the rehabilitation of an elaborate newsprint plant.

We have also advised the lenders to the development of a monorail project, the lenders to the nation’s pioneering toll road project, and the lenders to the development of the nation’s first privately-operated airport terminal for scheduled flights.

We have been advising both local and foreign financial institutions on novel hedging arrangements, repurchase transactions, securities lendings, forward sales, swaps and other derivatives transactions.



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